The Gateway

OurUrbanSpace serves as an Urban gateway that connects common type users to a common cause. Our main focus is to create a urban based social network were like minds may interact and build together as one.
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Clean And Responsive

Our Clean & Responsive Template is an magnificent template with exquisite design and flexibility. Its breath taking and modern look adds an unique feature to the site as well as a user friendly environment.
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Our Features

Being on other top social medias throughout the years, what we clearly have to offer is the niche that separates oururbanspace from others. The factor of being in the same place with the same character of users is what..
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Your True Urban Entertainment Gateway Grow With Us

OurUrbanSpace is your true urban entertainment gateway to the industry and more. Join today and began to grow your network with a common cause.

Connect With Friends

With our friend invite mod, our user will have the ability to send friend requests to there existing friends to remain connected through oururbanspace

OUS Events

Be sure to check the events calendar to see whats taking place weekly with OUS Events.

OUS News

Oururbanspace provides newsfeeds to keep our users informed and up to date regarding urban based news, content, and more.

OUS Business

Urban based businesses about the business. Platinum Registration is required to list businesses and have access to many features to help support the users account. Currently this is a Bi-Annually feature, prices subject to change with notice.

OUS Coupons

Get coupons you can use at most retail stores and more

OUS Movies

Whether you wish to review a movie or watch full length movies, oururbanspace provides you with entertainment worth the time of browsing

OUS Fundraisers

Create fundraisers to help raise funds for any special cause

OUS Contests

Win prizes when you participate in upcoming contests

OUS Petitions

Create petitions to help fight causes in your community or anywhere in the world
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