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The biggest challenge for Social Network Administration remains: what script is optimized for performance and can scale up when the site is growing fast?

Here are a few options we have overcome here at OUS Online Media Division:

Most Start Ups

  • Open Source Script and Commercial Social Network Scripts: easy to setup, can run on almost average servers. Mostly built based on existing framework, then it seems to be no problem to run on VPS. However, when it comes to thousands of members, it gets stuck, can not load even when scaled to run on very high servers. Technically, these scripts do not support that large scale level. Many technicians say that they can get it to work with a very nice proposal (cost is also high, of course), but the devil is in details.
  • Expensive and Enterprise Social Network Solutions: basically it can run for thousands of members, but requires very high servers at the beginning; and more servers needed for small increase of members. It’s paid up to number of your site members, not really suitable for a start-up niche social network.


Look no further with a very suitable solution – OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1. team has spent a year to work on performance improvements, tested on many high traffic sites. Here are benefits you will see when using OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1:

  • Easy to setup with a very rich active urban community.
  • Can easily run on most VPS Hosting; then with around $160 your site can at least work for 10K members – easily respond to 1k online users. – https://www.linode.com/pricing.
  • Of course OurUrbanSpace is likely to have 1M members very soon and our online members over 100K and much more. In this case, it requires enterprise solution. Don’t worry, OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1 and above is built and ready to handle this task. All technical preparations are done, and our experts remain on top for future upgrade releases as over the years.

OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1: The Great Performance Improvement

  • Improved to nearly 3 times faster than our last version OUS 4.3 (*); and more than 4 times faster than our previous version OUS 4.2 (*)
  • The more data the site has, the slower 4.3 and 4.2 are, due to not-optimize in query
  • With a certain number of online members, 4.3 and 4.2 might get stuck due to high requests to servers – which we will see further when doing stress test with OUS 4.5.1. The result for OUS 4.5.1 will be shown in next section.

4.3 Benchmark Result

phpFox 4.3 Performance Benchmark
OurUrbanSpace 4.3: Performance Test

4.2 Benchmark Result

4.2 Benchmark
OurUrbanSpace 4.2: Performance Test

(*) Measure with the same size of data:

  • 10,000 members
  • 200,000 membership relation
  • 30,000 item counts per modules: photo, blog, etc.
  • On the same 8-Core server
  • Load time is measured over 5 minutes high load with 200 VUs reaching all landing pages of all available default modules: ex. Home, music, photo, blog, forum, marketplace, pages, etc. OUS 4.5.1 has reaasigned the Group Application.
  • Member only network, disable Ajax.
  • Redis is off and Cache is off.

OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1: The High Load Tolerance

Besides comparison with previous versions, we have done many stress tests to make sure oururbanspace is capable to handle large online members when running on average server configuration.

Here are measurements we benchmark with two scenarios:

  1. Scenario for 10.000 member, data size at (200,000 Memberships, 30,000 items each modules), over one 8-core server – $160 per month.
  2. Scenario with 100.000 member, data size at (2.000.000 Memberships, 300,000 items each modules), over two 8-core servers – $320 per month. 

Notice and Disclaimer:

  • Online members is mostly 2% of total members, which means average number within 5 minutes, 2% of your site members are online.
  • Ratio VUs over online members: 1 VU is in average about 5 online members; for information about VU – http://support.loadimpact.com/knowledgebase/articles/174260-what-are-virtual-users-vus
  • Cost based on Linode pricing – https://www.linode.com/pricing, do not take into account cost for extra storage, bandwidth which is for specific purpose site, such as videos, images.
  • Tested with OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1, using LoadImpact, perform on site with given scenarios – accessing to all landing pages of default applications on 5 minutes average at the highest load.
  • AWS pricing is much higher than other providers

Chart 1 (which is stressed to 200 VUs)

Up to 1,000 online members at onetime, 10,000 members

4.4 Stress Test
OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1 Stress Test – 200 VUs

Detail loading time:

4.4 Stress Test
OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1 Stress Test – Loading Time

Chart 2 – (which is stressed to 500 VUs)

Up to 2,500 online members at onetime, 100,000 members

4.4 Stress Test
OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1 Stress Test With 500 VUs

Detail loading time:

4.4 Stress Test - Loading Time
OurUrbanSpace 4.5.1 Stress Test – Loading Time

From above graphs, we certainly have quite a lot of information to make a final decision, we have no worries for the future. Ability to smart invest for now, get high return in the future.