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We are currently collecting donations to feed the homeless throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. These efforts will continue to be ongoing. Once campaign goal has been reached, food catering will be provided by Day Days BBQ and waffles. Feeding amounts for 400 Homeless individuals.
We will be utilizing several mobile vendors who can get out and feed the homeless good food, and provide visuals so that you may see your dollars work.
These efforts are also assigned to getting hygeine back packs to the homeless, as well as other beneficial supplies that will be needed.
All fundraisers regarding Homeless and Community relief will be overseen by Elder Jimmie Maggette to ensure that your funds are being distributed properly

JImmie Maggette On Facebook

Location: 9161 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, Rancho Cucamonga , United States

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