Posted: 2017-03-03 20:34:54

10 years ago, the Christian book scene was on fire with the publication of William P. Young’s “The Shack,” a novel that dove deep into grief only to find redemption.

Fast forward a decade and the ground-breaking book is now a major motion picture with Octavia Spencer, Sam Worthington and Tim McGraw.

Worthington plays Mack Phillips, a man wracked by loss since his daughter has gone missing and presumed dead. After receiving a strange letter inviting him to an abandoned shack in the woods, Mack meets the personification of the Holy Trinity — Octavia Spencer, Aviv Alush and Sumire Matsubara — who teach him how to deal with grief.

Opening today in theaters across the nation, “The Shack” is a unique look at the nature of faith that will send you home renewed.


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