Posted: 2017-06-18 20:56:21

My father is a wonderful example that it is never too late to be a father or to have a relationship, build a relationship, strengthen or heal a relationship with your children. As a child of divorce (and all the drama that ensued) I feel closer to my dad now than I ever did as a child. At this stage in my life I don’t need material trappings. I don’t need his child support. I don’t need his weekends. I don’t need his gifts.

I need his ear. I need his conversation. I need his experience. I need his reassurance. I need his honesty. I need his friendship. I need his perspective on politics. I need his discussion on life. I need his warning. I need his recipes. I need his laughter. I need his smile. I need his calm. I need his questions. I need to learn from his mistakes and successes. I need to hear his life stories, his adventures, his romances and heartbreaks. I need his memories. I need his playful threats. I need his jokes. I need his Sweet Potato Pies and German Chocolate Cake. I need when he needs my advice, my opinion, my perspective, and my truth. Most importantly I need his heart.

Most importantly I need his heart.

No matter what we may have missed over the years, what misunderstandings we may have had, what estrangement may have occurred, what disappointments may have happened, what regrets we may hold, what I need now are the things my father gives and they are irreplaceable. I treasure them and I know I am fortunate to have them. It is never too late to love and it is never too late to be a father. As long as there is life in our bodies, it is never too late.

My dad is a wonderful example of picking up the pieces and moving forward, not looking backwards. We are better and our relationship is greater for it.

So everyday is a Happy Father’s day to my old man from me.

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