Posted: 2017-07-16 19:30:00

Vic Mensa is getting ready to drop his new album The Autobiography, and he's staying true to the title by opening up about his most personal issues.

The rapper took a break from his busy schedule to sit down and talk about mental health, social media and more with

"Our community in general, the African American community is notorious for being silent about mental health issues, because it's seen as a weakness," Mensa says in our exclusive clip.

He also commented on the effects of social media, saying, "Social media was not good for my health, so I don't really indulge anymore." He adds, "Everybody that has a bunch of followers on Twitter or Instagram or whatever is getting cyberbullied all the time...That can be damaging to having a positive outlook."

See what else Vic Mensa had to say with BET Music, above.

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