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Feature Homeless Back Pack Supplies
September 17, 2017 Store Supporting The Homeless
$ 5.00 / Each
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Supplies for the Homeless back packs will be passed out at the end of each successful fundraiser campaign. These are the items we put into the backpacks to assist with the homeless hygiene.
Each purchase places 2-3 items into each backpack. Funds from items purchased here, are then subtracted from the sells and added towards campaign goals for our Homeless fundraisers.
To view our current Fundraisers for the homeless,
Jacquelin Sapp
5/5 3:55 PM  .  17 September, 2017
good idea, ill support and repost as often as needed.
Katelin Riddle
5/5 3:57 PM  .  17 September, 2017
ill help out as well :)
Lashon Quiroz
5/5 3:59 PM  .  17 September, 2017
positive energy
Lahoma Mccauley
4/5 4:01 PM  .  17 September, 2017
Yes i agree, we must help
Francesco Shinn
5/5 4:04 PM  .  17 September, 2017
although I'm not from the area, i can understand, and will help out alittle.
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